Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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The following is postulated:

  • The teacher is the reader. He is singing, using a picture of the heavens themselves as the script. He is the dumb who will sing to teach feeble hands for war. He sings when we place the psalms on his tongue.
  •  This means that the songs sung by the teacher each Sabbath was part of the heavenly declaration that God designed i.e. “He named the stars and called them out by name”
  • The characters in the scroll are star pictures, first identified (through the week that they appear).Then they began to speak their lines (when their star names are revealed). And finally they become alive and begin to take action as befits their characters.
  • Among the cast a special segment of Heroes are delineated. These heroes which are  that are part of a heavenly battle which relates to the Earth, can be surmised from the statement: “The battle of the heavenly heroes will span the Globe”.
  • These are seven glorious princes who provide the temple sacrifices needed on Yom Kippur. Seven Glorious Princes –are spirits in charge of the offerings.


  1. The Book of Secrets (lQ27, 4Q299-301) Explanation of Mysteries
  2. The Vision of Jacob (4Q537) Temple Vision discussed
  3. Thanksgivings (4QHodayot-like) Face beholds Vision and speaks
  4. Redemption and Resurrection (4Q521) Believed to identify Jesus as Teacher
  5. Royal Psalms (4Q380, 4Q381) This scroll addresses end time Israel and a indicates the importance of “the seven spirits.”
  6. The Copper Scroll (3Q15) The body of the Zadok and the hiding place
  7. The Coming of Melchizedek (11 Q 1 3) Teacher Messiah, like Jesus, linked with Daniel’s calendars
  8. Commentaries on Isaiah (4Ql6l-l65) Identifies Zadokites as giving voice to face of Jacob through the Dead Sea Scrolls
  9. The Last Days: A Commentary on Selected Verses (4Ql74) Prophecies timed and stated
  10. Commentaries on Psalms (4Ql7l,4Ql73, lQl6) Psalms 37 informs us of the teacher and the Meek and Poor as the returning tribes that join the Yasad